Clockwork Strange

Into The Whirlwind

Clockwork Strange

A North American novel inspired by Karel Zeman's 1955 children's classic tale "Cesta Do Praveku"
Our first novel begins in 1943 with the disappearance of nine children and their three puppies on a prairie farm when they discover a door to long extinct alien worlds. Their story is one of awe and exploration. It is told as two simultaneous stories, one of the repercussions on the family farm community 25 years later, and the other of how the children struggle to survive their first alien environmental ice age encounter.

It is the very first time that the concept of 'deep time' will be told through the eyes of children [for both the children and the young adults] and kept as scientifically accurate as a good story can be told. This is the North American Debut of a prehistoric " ALICE IN WONDERLAND" chronicle of deep time, wherein WONDERLAND is as real as the children who tumble into it. 

Available Summer 2017

Explore the concepts of deep time in this prehistoric Alice in Wonderlandesque novel that takes place in Western North America
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